free five-day reset and refresh meal plan

free five day reset and refresh meal plan from

I hit publish on the first ever post on The Muffin Myth seven years ago yesterday. Seven years! It seems like forever and nothing all at once.

This space has grown and evolved over the years from a simple hobby blog to a small business, community, and hub of nutrition information, but the core purpose – sharing good recipes and approachable, down to earth nutrition information – has remained the same.

I’m always looking for ways to learn more and grow this space, so I’ve decided to finally get with the times and get a proper newsletter up and running. Some of you are already email subscribers to the blog, which means you get an email alert whenever a new post is live. This is different – a specially crafted newsletter that will come out a couple of times each month with a personal note from me, behind the scenes info, and general updates, nutrition tips, and goodness. Nothing spammy, not too frequent, just a hello and what’s happening from time to time. If you’re already an email subscriber you’ll have to sign up separately to receive the newsletter.

As a huge thank you for being part of this journey over the last seven years, I wanted to give you something special. So I’ve created a 5-day meal plan just for you. It’s got recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one week, a custom grocery list, and some tips and hints for pulling it off. With the exception of a bit of yoghurt in one of the breakfasts (which is easily replaced with plant-based milk), all of the recipes are vegan and easily gluten free. This isn’t a cleanse or a detox (you know how I feel about that kind of nonsense) but a reset, refresh, and a way to shake up your routine and create some great habits. And it’s totally free when you sign up to receive my newsletter. You’ll find the sign up info in the side bar (or in the newly installed obnoxious pop-up… sorry ’bout that), but holler at me if you need help.

Thanks for being here! Now go grab your free meal plan.




  1. Love it! I’ll hit subscribe to get more muffin myth wisdom and juicy links. I have been meaning to do the same so I’ll follow in your wake at some point. And congratulations on your 7 years. Woo hoo!!!

  2. I am already subscribed to your newsletter 🙂
    but would like access to the 5 day plan.
    Really enjoy your posts.

    • Thanks Emelie! This newsletter is different from the previous email subscription, which simply alerts you to new posts. The newsletter will be going out a couple of times a month with special information for subscribers, so I suggest you sign up to this one as well. Ultimately the old email alerts may disappear because I don’t want to send people an obnoxious amount of email!

  3. Congratulations on seven years Katie! I enjoy reading your posts, seeing your food and recreating your delicious recipes. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into making the Muffin Myth a resource for nutrition and healthy food habits plus your sense of humor and poise make your posts fun to read. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing!

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