my summer

Hi Folks! Me here! I’m not quite back on my feet yet, but I’m getting there. I can sort of kind of walk in the air cast with the crutches taking some of the weight, and I’m hoping to go down to one crutch tomorrow. In between working, getting the project plan written for my… 

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Hi Friends! Me here, coming up for air. Here’s what has happened since we last spoke: It’s light almost constantly in Stockholm right now. That photo was taken over a month ago, around 10pm. Now we get a few hours of dimness between 11pm and 2am, but the sun never really sets. I love this time… 

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Budapest had never really been on my list of ‘must visit’ destinations. We decided to look into it because a couple of our friends had been there separately and absolutely raved about it. We found some cheap tickets and got a recommendation for a good hotel, so why the heck not? Budapest. My liver was… 

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Paul and I had planned a quick weekend getaway to Budapest some time ago. With somewhat short notice, a business trip to Brussels came up in the days preceding our mini break, and so Paul asked me if I wanted to come with him and then fly from Brussels to Budapest rather than coming from Stockholm…. 

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Thailand – Bangkok

Bangkok was the last stop on our Thai adventure, and the shortest. We arrived there really, really tired after a late night, an early morning, and a ridiculous day of travel. Paul is an extremely organized traveler and had printed us both out a packet with confirmations of every flight and hotel reservation for the… 

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tom yam soup

Tom Yam soup. I’ve always seen this soup referred to as Tom Yum, but our instructor and recipe booklet both call it Tom Yam, so that’s what I’m going with. If you find yourself in Chiang Mai and are looking for a great cooking class, let me suggest May Kaidee’s Thai vegetarian cooking class. The… 

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Thailand – Koh Chang

Thailand, Thailand, Thailand . . .  where to begin, but at the beginning? 12 hours before we were due to leave we got a call letting us know that our flight to Bangkok had been cancelled, but we were assured our return flight was a-okay. So we can’t get there, but we can get home?… 

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tipico and not so tipico

I was extremely fortunate with my December exam schedule; I had reasonably spaced exams and the last one was to be written online, meaning I could be pretty much anywhere in the world for it so long as I had a reliable internet connection. I took a bit of a gamble on being able to… 

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hej då, Stockholm

Well, the inevitable happened. Time passed, and, having exhausted the distance courses available to me, and failing to convince the university that I should be able to take more, it was time for me to leave Stockholm and head back to oh so rainy Vancouver. Before I left, Paul and I took the camera around Stockholm one… 

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