beautiful beet burgers {vegan}

A beautiful vegan burger patty made from beets, beans, and quinoa. Great in sandwiches, or crumbled into salads. Make a big batch and freeze them for future meals. The perfect veggie burger is, I think, an elusive thing. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good veggie burgers out there, but it’s a trick… 

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honey roasted carrot and hummus sandwiches

This time next week I’ll be sitting in class. Sitting. In. Class. It kind of snuck up on me, and now I’m alternating between being really excited and really terrified. I’m excited about pursuing my dreams, meeting new and presumably like-minded people, learning more about nutrition. I’m terrified I won’t know enough, people won’t like… 

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chickpea salad sandwich

Last year this time I talked about the sandwich system, so I thought now I’d help soften the back-to-school and back-to-work blues with a tasty vegetarian sandwich filling. I find that vegetarian sandwich options can be repetitive and I get tired of simple bread, veg, cheese combinations. I’m doing a lot of running around these… 

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baked eggplant parmesan caprese sandwiches

Back in April when Paul popped through Vancouver for a few days en route to a conference we had dinner with his parents one evening. Because it was Easter weekend, there was a ham. And pierogies. Because I am vegetarian and my in-laws always make sure there is enough for me to eat, there was… 

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the sandwich system

It’s back to school or back to work for may of you. For me it’s nearly the end of the blitz of work I’ve been doing, and September 7th brings the beginning of a new semester; the fourth of five without a break, and six new distance education courses. Here we go! Work or school,… 

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