Vegetarian Frittata with Corn and Tomatoes

This Vegetarian Frittata Recipe features sweet corn and tomatoes with a bit of sharp cheddar for an easy and healthy meal the whole family will love. Naturally low-carb and gluten-free, this healthy vegetarian frittata is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or make-ahead meals! 

Chocolate Energy Bites

These Chocolate Energy Bites are naturally sweetened with dates for a healthy snack. They’ve got lots of protein and healthy fats thanks to almonds, use only 4 ingredients (plus spices), and are incredibly easy to make! This energy bites recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and Whole 30 compliant. 

spring living lentil bowls

Spring Living Lentil Bowls – a light yet substantial gluten-free and easily vegan meal bowl featuring beluga lentils, spring asparagus, pan-fried halloumi cheese, avocado, pea shoots, and seeds. All of the components can be prepared in advance for a quick and easy meal. 

loaded sweet potatoes

Surprise! Being back at work is harder than I thought it would be. But not in the ways I thought it would be. I had anticipated achingly difficult days away from my boy, pining for him every moment I was gone. I even considered taking one of his blankies with me to the office so I… 

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roasted banana ice cream

My baby turned one last week. Although it was an unexpectedly weepy and nostalgic day for me, Niko seemed to give zero effs about it. I walked into his room on Wednesday morning singing happy birthday, and he shouted something that I interpreted along the lines of, “shut your face and give me that damn bottle,… 

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slow cooker red lentil dal

A hearty and healthy red lentil dal that simmers away in your slow cooker and is ready when you walk through the door. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.  Can we talk about baby kicks? They’re crazy. I love them, but they’re crazy. It’s interesting how they’ve evolved from the first little signs of movement, little scratches… 

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carrot ginger and red lentil soup {slow cooker friendly}

This easy and delicious carrot ginger soup is super satisfying thanks to the addition of red lentils. If you make it in your slow cooker it’s mostly hands off, but the stove top is simple too. We are not handy people. We know this about ourselves, and remind ourselves of it, but still for some… 

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kvarg and quinoa protein pots

People keep asking me how I’m doing these days, and the answer is this: I’m hungry. I’m hungry All. The. Time. Seriously, from the moment I wake up until about 3pm, I’m eating every 60 – 90 minutes. And when I eat it goes something like this: feeling full –> full –> full –> full… 

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