A Weekend Affair

This is a collection of recipes for when you've got time to roll up your sleeves and make some magic happen in the kitchen! The recipes are a bit more involved than those you'll find in Quick and Easy, but the results are worth the wait! Try making your own Veggie Burgers from scratch, roll up a batch of Salad Rolls, or try some Homemade Granola.

roasted pumpkin lasagna

Autumn is definitely descending, and here in Stockholm it’s happening more rapidly than I’m accustomed to. There is definitely none of the lingering Indian Summer that can happen on the West Coast of BC. We’re losing daylight quickly, and I know the payback for all of those long summer days is just around the corner…. 

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smoked tofu gyoza

I’ve been holding off on posting this recipe, a little fearful that I’d lose those of you who have been faithfully making each and every thing I’ve posted over the last 14 weeks with something scary and laborious sounding like home made gyoza. Don’t be afraid! A home made dumpling like these tasty smoked tofu gyoza… 

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