Paul and I had planned a quick weekend getaway to Budapest some time ago. With somewhat short notice, a business trip to Brussels came up in the days preceding our mini break, and so Paul asked me if I wanted to come with him and then fly from Brussels to Budapest rather than coming from Stockholm. I hummed and hawed over it for a couple of days, fretting over the extra expense and extra days off work. And then I gave my head a shake and went. We don’t plan on living in Europe forever, and being able to jet off to another country for a couple of days isn’t a luxury that will always be available to us. I’ll be heading back to school in just a few (!) months, and it won’t be so easy to take time off as it is now. So, Brussels.

Living in Europe has definitely changed the way I travel, at least within Europe. When I turn up in a place for just a couple of days I don’t have any illusions about really being able to experience the place. That takes weeks, months. I’m happy, then, when it is just a couple of days, to really just chill out.

And so it was. We turned up in Brussels on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, checked into our hotel, and then settled in for an afternoon-come-evening of patio hopping. You’ll notice that almost all of our pictures are of beer. That pretty much sums up our trip. Belgium is of course renowned for it’s beer, and we did our best to sample as many different beers as we could.

Then we’d take a break and sample some Belgian chocolate.

Oh yeah, the frites. Did I mention the frites? This was our first batch, but definitely not our last.

I love how every beer has it’s own unique glass. I’d have bought some of these to take back but a) I was flying Ryanair with only hand luggage and there was no way I could fit anything in (I did, however, make room for a lot of chocolate), and b) we are glass breaking machines and they wouldn’t have lasted long in our home anyways. Better to just enjoy them in Belgium and let them be.

Paul of course had to work while we were in Brussels also. While he was busy at meetings I’d find an ideal patio and settle in for some beer sampling, people watching, and reading. I put a serious dent in the Game of Thrones series on this trip while sipping some fine beers.

This beer (below) was far and away our favourite. And we sampled A LOT of different kinds. If you ever come across it you must give it a try.

Waffle break! Belgian waffles for real.

And, Paul had some mussels. In Brussels.

That pretty much sums it up.

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